Wednesday, January 28, 2015

pretty writing by hannah brencher.

print by dos marias - words by hannah brencher

i made this hannah brencher print last year for a friend and since then i've only fallen more in love with her writing. i thought it was about time i share my obsession with hannah brencher and all the goodness she puts into words, just incase there's any one out there who's been missing out.

she writes these monday morning pep talks via email list and they are the highlight of every single monday. sometimes they kick start a week of productivity, sometimes they produce tears of understanding, and sometimes they provide just the inspiration i needed. sometimes all three. sometimes more. also, she's a blogger. obviously. i mean, as if the monday morning emails weren't enough! her goodness never fails. i don't even know her, but i just know she's good people.

also, we've mentioned it before, but she has a book coming out in march and i really think you're going to want in on this!

Saturday, January 24, 2015


1. totally digging this poster!
2. this entire shop is on my wish list.
3. intrigued by this 30 day minimalism challenge.
4. i ate carrots today & pretended they were these.
5. love bethany and loved getting a peek into her sweet home!

it has been a crazy, crazy week over here. and our weekend is looking even crazier.
wish us luck! i so need it- i think about falling over on my face approximately ten times a day.
have a good one!!!