Friday, March 13, 2015


1. loving this screenprint by harry diaz. and just everything else he creates.
2. i'm convinced that these just might be the most delicious things ever.
3. this amazing dress is made of flowers! yes, you heard me!
4. finally! Johnnyswim's video for Diamonds is live and beautiful.
5. one of our fave bloggers has a book coming out this week! can't wait!

spring! we're welcoming you with open arms!
(the flooding is a little scary though, so if you could, ya know, take a breather on the spring showers maybe?)

take it easy.

image found here.

jeez. it's been a wild week of sickness and chaos and flooding and sunshine! sorry for the silence, but it's friday and rain or shine, it's time to take it easy! i'm envisioning a weekend of sleep and spinning records and simplifying. are these spring vibes calling for you to do the same?

ps. it's almost hammock weather!