Monday, November 24, 2014

our 2014 thanksgiving menu.

as in previous years, we wanted to share our thanksgiving menu with you. we'll confess and let you know that we never end up making all of the recipes we share, but we typically try a few new ones each year and let our family make their traditional dishes. it makes for a nice mix! we hope it can provide you with some last minute ideas or a little inspiration to try something new! you know what else helps? this little thanksgiving playlist.

 top to bottom: 1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8//9//10

sounds delicious, right!? a lot of the recipes we included could be altered, or already have been, for your gluten-free or vegetarian (or even vegan) friends and family! also, we've got a few bonus recipes for you!

breakfast: pull-apart cinnamon apple loaf.
drinks: red grapefruit rum spritzers & spiced apple margaritas.
gf dessert: kabocha pumpkin buttermilk pie.

previous dos marias thanksgiving menus : 2012. 2013.

Friday, November 21, 2014


1. a stunning mid-century wall desk diy.
2. this tiny thanksgiving is killing me. look at that bunny!
3. the new camp collection is out. nostalgic and cool.
4. text me merry christmas.
5. these muffins are beautiful. berry delicious!

well, while chels is off enjoying the beach and a wedding and probably some tiny umbrellas, too, i'll be hibernating and getting a start on some holiday crafts! enjoy your weekend! note: avoid the grocery store. always a scary place the weekend before thanksgiving. trust me on this.