Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where to?

living in ohio is hard work.

we read and hear about awesome places to browse, shop, and be inspired by, but have trouble finding any of those places in ohio. so, we continue to dream of cool vintage shops and flea markets. in the meantime, we work with what we've got here in this hum drum state.

southern ohio has a few random flea markets hidden in the middle of nowhere, so we spent a quiet (and cold!) saturday morning searching through dust, junk, and nonsense until we found something lovely.

this dresser is begging for a makeover, but we already have one just like it!

any idea as to what goodness is in this photo? If not, you'll know eventually because we searched until we found some beauties!

we're also planning some road trips to nearby states! anybody know any hidden spots here in ohio? where are your favorite places to go to for quirky finds and good times?

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