Saturday, May 7, 2011

pistachio pop.

this week we attempted some cake pops. and i reallllly mean cake pops. they were even shaped like cakes! this was tough work. there was ALOT of trial and error involved, but we loved every messy minute of it. i swear. 

honestly, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but figured it couldn't be too hard. and who doesn't love a challenge...a BAKING challenge?! first we just made ourselves some pistachio cake.

the next part is gross weird. after your cake bakes and cools, you make a mess of it. and then add some frosting into the mix to make it pop-able!

told ya. it's weird. we added a little green food coloring to make it more green and go overboard with the pistachio theme. next we made circular and flowered shapes to form the cake. or you could give yourself a break and make the balls. ha!

here's where things start to get tricky! we popped some candy melts into a tall class and then into the microwave for the coating. we also used some to connect the two layers of the "cake". next dipped the sticks (you can get these at the craft store) into the melted candy and then into the bottom of the cakes. immediately after we dipped the whole thing into the candy as well.

the candy dries SUPER fast. if you plan on decorating them with sprinkles, better move fast dude! i'd tell you more details, but it's really just something that got easier (and prettier!) with each try.

here's our results:

so cute, we know! try them out and let us know how it goes!

andddd if you're wondering what the heck all this pistachio business is about, we were working on some wedding shower favors! the bride's family owns a pistachio farm. how cool is that!??

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