Friday, June 17, 2011

pinny pin pin.

just like everyone else in the blog world, i am hooked on pinterest. i've tried getting chels into it, no luck...yet. she still hasn't caved even though i send her a bajillion emails about the things i see. i even discuss my pins in everyday conversation as if anyone cares. they don't.

but the whole point of this post is that maybe there is someone out there who will...?!

here's what i'm loving lately:

i could stare at these doors all day. i want them. i wouldn't even care if i didn't have any use for them. they could make any house beautiful. mmm charm.

next week i leave for vacation and i'm hoping to capture this exact picture. likely? we'll see.

and this mouth-watering awesomeness. avocado and grilled corn salad. is it lunchtime yet?

love this quote. guess where i am right now? haaa. i'm awful.

i am about to redecorate my bedroom and i'm dying for color. these colors to be specific. reminds me of peacock feathers. which reminds me of katy perry. yikes.

my apologies for getting a totally inappropriate song stuck in your head. have a nice weekend!

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