Sunday, September 25, 2011

baby boom

forgive us. we are way behind on events and updating this little blog. we've been busy ladies this year!

we started the year off with a baby shower! baby chloe isabella, sam's first niece (!), was on her way in february. between the baby momma loving all things pink and chloe's bedding already being picked out, our color scheme was pretty much chosen for us...

pink, pink, pink...and a little bit of brown!

first up we have our DIY invitations:

-brown pre-cut cards (Michael's - $2)
-various pink cardstock (already owned)
-fabric scraps (Walmart - $3)
-sequins (already owned)
-string of pearls (already owned)
-brown marker (Hobby Lobby $1)

we aren't huge fans of buying cards so chelsea and i offered to whip these up ourselves! we love how they turned out...and you can't see it in the picture, but the inside was personalized with a "chloe" banner!

DIY decorations are also an easy way to save money on your next party!

we made a baking cup banner with pink, white, and silver cups, as well as some pink poofs out of tissue paper. we hung them from pearls to add even more of a girly touch!

the baby shower was right around valentine's day so we took full advantage of the pink and red that was thrown in our face at every store! we snatched up cute dishes and candies from places like the Target and Michael's value sections. (i have a love/hate relationship with these!)

and lastly, one of our favorite things to do is bake...especially chelsea! this is another easy peasy way to save money and personalize your party at the same time. we made our own cupcakes...funfetti & devils food. yummmm. pink overload, we know, but you've got to please your "client"!

whoa. healthy dose of baby-ness and pink! and for the finale...

the queen of the party arrived just a few weeks later :)

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