Thursday, February 23, 2012

before & after : grandma vases

everyone has some old grandma-ish vases collecting dust around the house, right? easiest solution: paint. 

enamel paint
long paintbrush
grandma vase

first, clean vase and dry. paint an even coat of paint on inside of vase. this first coat will be fairly transparent. let coat dry for about 15 minutes. continue painting additional coats, with breaks for drying. for a solid look, you will need to paint about 4 coats.

we chose to use folkart enamel (so we could still put water in them) in dark blue and shimmering copper. random colors, yes. fun, yes. you could easily whip up some shabby chic vases with some pastel pink or white paint!

...if you're feeling left out because your grandma is hoarding all of these fancy vases, take a trip to your local goodwill. there is an entire aisle of them waiting to be rescued!

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