Wednesday, February 22, 2012

it's tuesday you fatty!

yesterday to celebrate fat tuesday we.......

ate a lot of cheese!
and bread
aand cookies
aaaaand lemons

fat lemonade
- approx. 6 cups of ice
- 1 packet of unsweetened lemonade mix
- 1 squeezed lemon
- 4 tbs sugar
- 2 cups of vodka

blend ice until it becomes snow (with your ninja, duh!). mix vodka, lemonade mix, sugar, and lemon juice in a separate bowl. pour liquid mixture into blender with ice and pulse for about 20 seconds. pour into glasses and garnish with lemon or lime slices. 

... and then a baby arrived! 
but not a fat baby.
a little nelson baby- eeeek.

congrats to my best friends jess and chad on their new family of three 
he's the sweetest little man i know <3

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