Monday, March 5, 2012

before & after: chairs

remember our chairs last week...they were looking something like this:

yikes! they are looking bright and cheery:

they look a tad nautical to us. we're still not sure about them...we'll see :) since we spent zero money on these sunny babies we won't feel bad if we end up changing them up again!

want to makeover your own chairs? sure ya do.

paint brush
fabric (1/2 yard per chair)
staple gun

chair base
1. remove seat and any hardware from the chair (this will probably only consist of the chair and some screws). 2. lightly sand down chair. if there are any paint drips from a previous paint job make sure to completely sand those. 3. wipe chair down to remove all dust from sanding. 4. paint first coat of desired color evenly onto chair and let dry. 5. continue with a second coat of paint. you may need to lightly sand your chair in between coats of paint to get an even and smooth look, if so make sure not to remove all the dust again! depending on the paint, previous chair color, etc - number of coats needed will vary (our chairs took 3 coats).
chair cushion
1. depending on your chair's previous where-abouts, you may want to completely remove the previous fabric and cushioning from the wood base of your seat. if you do ditch the old stuff, just pick up some cushioning at your local craft store after measuring the seat (our chairs had been owned by chelsea's family so we had no problem keeping ours). 2. place your fabric upside down on a hard and stable surface. 3. in the middle the fabric place your wood base w/ cushioning upside down. 4. fold over one of the four edges and start stapling from the middle outward (DO NOT STAPLE CORNERS YET!). 5. continue the previous step for all 3 other sides. 6. pull one corner of fabric towards the center of the chair and staple. manipulate excess fabric from corner until the fabric lays flat without bunching at corner of seat. staple 2-3 times to hold. 7. continue step 6 for other 3 corners. 8. cut off any excess fabric. 10. reattach seat to chair base.

these directions are pretty, errrr, confusing, but if you have any questions we'd be happy to help. it's all pretty hard to explain without step by step pictures, which we are wayyyy too impatient to take!

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