Sunday, March 11, 2012

good mornnning!

oh hello sunday morning!
hello 7:30am- i'm awake promise
and helloo 8:00am- i'm ready to walk out the door 
and hello un macho it's 8:05am - we need to leave by 8:15am!
ughh hellooo technology!
aanndd hellllloooo 9AM!
of course i'm proud and ready to leave for church on time just to find out via smartphone that it is really 9am! hahaha, loveeee it

man, this weekend has been a whacky one. 
but hey, at least our days are getting longer! 
heeelllllooooo summer?!! you are sooo close i think i can taste you
now if only i was late for this...

enjoy your sunday! soak up that extra hour of daylight with some loveee

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