Monday, April 2, 2012

before & after : front door.

during our trip we found out about the HGTV Fantastic Front Door Contest. by time we got back, we had very little time to squeeze in some painting, shopping, and planting to enter in time...but we did it!

here's how it all went down.

here is the door before. as you can see, the house is pretty traditional.
we wanted to try to brighten it up by painting the door. we chose a dark mustard!

ahhh. the paint turned out to be a trillion times brighter than we expected or wanted.
it didn't go with the brown, which is used throughout the exterior of the house.

sooo the mustard was a risk and it turned out looking pretty horrendous!
we hated it immediately.
time crunch!
we had to move on asap...

after all our paint drama, we ended up going with a slightly brighter red than the door's original color.
it was the only color that seemed to really work with the rest of the house.

we brought in more color with flowers and an assortment of old & new pots.
we also used an old piece of slate and chalk to add a house number.
and we gave the old chair a new look with rust-oleum oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.

oh -- plus we brought in our model, zoey :)

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  1. I loved the Yellow Door! You just needed to paint the trim on the side windows as well. I think it would have grown on ya.