Monday, April 23, 2012

before & after : serving trays.

once upon a time, we bought an ugly duckling...tray.
and shortly afterwards, thanks to un macho, we met it's slightly better looking sibling.

but they didn't stay too ugly for long!

after staring at them for weeks,
we did our best to make these ancient trays pretty.

first we cleaned both trays (they were both thrifted) and then sanded them down. after cleaning the dust away, we used primer spray paint. the ugly duckling tray actually had plexi-glass, ya know - to keep that duck in mint condition eeeeek. we searched through our spray paint to find one that would actually stick and ended up using krylon indoor/outdoor. we sprayed them both (one white & one pink) with thin coats while enjoying some sun, until they were thoroughly covered. 

on the white tray, we used martha stewart's gold acrylic craft paint on the center.
who doesn't love a little metallic right now?

on the pink tray, we used mod podge to put down scrapbooking paper (2 sheets). we were nervous about how long the spray paint might last on the plexi-glass, but the paper seemed to work perfectly to cover it up. and of course the chevron doesn't hurt either!

too bad everything at the thrift store isn't this salvageable.......or is it?!! :)

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