Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the end of the madness & more!

sooo the madness has finally come to an end :( a very unfortunate end if you ask us. 
it was all pretty pitiful considering:
1. all of the brackets we entered were complete crap 2. in one case we lost a good 70 dollars to a 17 year old sister
3. we would have been okay with all of this IF someonee anyoneee would have beat uk! bleh- 
sorry kentucky fans but you are not a favorite around here. 
we're not too proud of the mess below, but it was fun!

oh and one more thing... is it football season yet?! 

last night i saw the hunger games (finally!).
i was super pumped before hand and equally as pumped when it was over!
obviously there were some differences between the books & the movie,
but that's the usual.
i'm okay with it!
let's just say, i want to change my name to katniss.

what did everyone else think?
don't you want to re-read the entire series now..!?

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