Friday, April 27, 2012


2. totally amazed by this house on apartment therapy - holy upgrade!

3. the greatest invention since the actual piñata - piñata cookies

4. dreamy new portland shop

5. sophia grace & rosie are finally back :) running monnnnn!

1. okay so maybe jt was in the greatest boy band ever & he always brings sexy back-
 but reeeeaaaally he's most qualified to decorate my home?


  1. Pinata cookies sound fun but I think the ultimate Pinata is the Pinata Colada.

    A half sphere 16 oz container covered with festive decorations and containing a Pina Colada.

    The catch is that there is only one hidden straw opening. Paticipants are given one stab each with their straw to claim the delicious drink contents. Winner drink all.

    Patent Pending.

  2. agh! that's the greatest idea.
    we may need to test this pinata colada saturday :)