Thursday, April 19, 2012

get thrifty.

remember when we talked about all the junk we dig through when we go thrifting?

sometimes it's super frustrating
and other times it's downright hilarious.
to find the good stuff, you have to look hard
and often...

but in the meantime, you should let yourself be entertained.

didn't you always dream of a book like this?
something to do with all those peanuts you have hanging around the house...

8 ft. tall sonic & mario - perfect decor for your living room, right?

you see that $53 price tag!?
sorry rose.
(now jack on the other hand...)

pokey-pot. that's all.

funny story, we actually went back to buy this gem.
(don't judge, we saw his potential!)

only the fancy stores turn all their box sets on :)

bet we can.

and now for the real winner...

this was found in the children's section.
there are no words.

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