Wednesday, April 18, 2012

pizza!pizza! ((jean paul's))

time for some more pizza!pizza! and this time we've found the most random spot.

what we ate: northern woods pizza

jean paul's is like a hidden slice of heaven.
it shares a building with a gas station (yikes!) and it hides among hills and backroads...not exactly a place we'd ever expect to find good pizza.
but we did!
they should charge people just to walk inside and smell all the goodness they've got going on - pizza, fresh bread, and the most random miniature desserts. such a cute little spot.
and by little, we mean tiny! so we took our pizza to go and enjoyed it from home.
it was loaded with cheese, delicious mushrooms, and moooore cheese.
but it was also loaded with grease, eeeek.
the cheesy-ness was so good that we looked past it though :)

rating: 8
(1 - nasty frozen pizza & 10 - the best pizza of all time!) 

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