Wednesday, April 4, 2012

pizza!pizza! ((the works))

we are back with another pizza!pizza! post. we spent the most perfect day in loveland goodwill shopping, trail walking, and pizza loving. 
what we ate: california rosé pizza

we stopped by the works on an extremely nice day and missed the lunch rush, which means we got some prime seating in the rail car. they even had adele (live at the royal albert hall) playing in the background. it was perfect. the menu is full of some pretty original brick oven pizzas. our california rosé came with red peppers, green peppers, banana peppers, and pineapple
excuse my 90s vocab, but it was the bomb.
we are still dreaming about it. we want to eat it everyday, it's thaaaaat good.
the restaurant is located right by the loveland trail so there is lots to do! there's even a little creamy whip down the street. ya know, in case you left any room for dessert. we were so in love with our pizza that we could barely breathe afterwards - sooo we headed straight to the trail to walk it off haa :)

nothing will top this!

(1 - nasty frozen pizza & 10 - the best pizza of all time!) 

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