Monday, May 7, 2012

chalk it up.

in a house with ancient, hollow doors, makeovers are completely necessary. can you say eyesore? soooo while all the doors are getting a few coats of white paint, i decided to paint the back of this one with some chalkboard paint.

chalkboards = endless fun.

i wanted the door to turn out super smooth so after giving the door a good cleaning, i threw on two coats of kilz latex primer. it is great for almost any surface and it dries super fast! we have been using it on all the old doors and ugly trimming.

once i opened my quart of valspar chalkboard paint, i was super intimidated. so dark and so dangerous ha! i got over it fast though...the trim around the door hasn't been touched up yet, so i didn't have to worry about that. i started with a thin, even coat...and ended up painting 4 coats total. the paint will get super sticky if you don't let it dry properly and then your beautiful chalkboard is doomed - ahhh. so, give it plenty of time to dry! i painted mine over the weekend, two coats each day.

two days after i had finished painting, i treated the door to keep it looking chalky and keep my doodles from being engraved forever, ha. i used one piece of chalk to rub over the entire door and then used a rag to rub it in and wipe it down. 

 i'm super happy with the way it turned out. so much fun!
i could spend hours writing lists and quotes and doodles on it ... trouble!
i've already run out of chalk :)

now i just need to touch up that trim and get a new, less ugly door knob!
also - i still have about 3/4 of that quart of paint left...hmmmm.

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