Wednesday, May 16, 2012

garden party.

a few weeks ago we got out our garden tools and started our own little garden.
due to ohio rain, it took us a little longer than expected to get going!
and we have lots of pictures from the process.

we used this jiffy kit to get started.
it included step by step directions - score!
we chose some seeds and drew up a grid to keep track of things.

a couple days later, we started seeing green!

once they got a little bigger, we used our greenhouse for some better sun.
and then on to the garden it was!

well, first we cleaned up this madness - ahhh.

(it's bigger than it looks! promise - about 4x8)

we still have some work to do...
cleaning up of the muddied dirt,
making it stand out from the rest of the yard,
and, ya know, actually growing some things.
we'll keep you updated!

if anybody has some brilliant gardening tips,
we'd love to hear them!

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