Thursday, June 28, 2012

diy straw necklaces.

so a while ago (we are talking months here people), we saw this awesome post over at creme de la craft & totally fell in love with this diy. we immediately sent it to the land of bookmarks. many things don't make it out of bookmark land, but considering we have a serious love for bold, chunky necklaces aaand chelsea has a serious love for straws (she has to have over 1000. definitely a lifetime supply) we had to try this diy!
what you need:
spray paint
colored card stock
craft glue

spray paint your straws. 
 fold into a triangular shape and insert one end into the other to close.
cut appropriately sized triangles out of card stock.
glue to the back of the straws.
use a needle and thread to connect your triangles and create your necklace.

i have already worn these necklaces multiple times. it is a little fragile but you can't tell how lightweight it is unless you are up close or holding it.
hope you enjoy!
 the man at the peddler's flea market did- 
"hey i'm not flirting, but your necklace is real cool. those colors really pop on you".
thanks flea market man, thanks a lot. 

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