Wednesday, September 12, 2012

diy : gold wristness.

we've got a cheap and (somewhat) easy diy to share today!

we picked up these gold bracelets, one at a thrift store & one on clearance, for a little project.
we've seen plenty of ways to upgrade them on pinterest, but it took us so long to finally get the job done! we love gold jewelry, but we also love color, so we headed to the craft store for lots of string. we ended up coming home with ten different colors and still no idea of what we would do.

i think we stared at this project for two hours before we even attempted to start it - so ridiculous.
but we finally started messing around with the string and here is what we came up with...

we tried out a little braiding and a little knotting.

it was a tedious diy and required plenty of patience (and way more string than expected), but they've already gotten a little wrist action and we're loving that we could customize them!

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