Wednesday, September 26, 2012

pizza!pizza! ((larosa's pizzeria))

what we ate: medium hand-tossed pizza w/ spinach, onion, & tomato

we must start off by telling you that we both grew up on larosa's pizza...and everything else they have to offer. all of it. and, you should know that we do love it, a lot. and we think you will too, which is exactly why we are sharing it!

larosa's sauce is one-of-a-kind. you either love it or you hate it, there is really no in-between.
it is warm, and tomato-y (yes, a new word!) and kind of sweet. hand-tossed crust is definitely the way to go... unless you are at a high school football game or kings island or a church festival, then anything from the larosa's truck tastes like heaven. *gf options available at select locations.

rating: 7
(1 - nasty frozen pizza & 10 - the best pizza of all time!)

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