Wednesday, October 24, 2012

diy : friendly spiders.

can you believe it's almost halloween? ahh.
we aren't even ready for it, too busy looking forward to thanksgiving & christmas!

we did, however, whip up this quick and easy diy.
and by easy, we mean everyone has probably already done this.
but if you're late to the game like us, here you goooooo.

styrofoam ball
black craft paint (or spray paint)
paint brush
pipe cleaners
felt (or googly eyes)
hot glue

spooooooooooooky. not.
if you have kids around, this is definitely a kid-friendly craft!
sometimes quick and easy is the way to go.

any simple halloween crafts you can share with us?
besides that big pumpkin and some orange daisies,
we are totally lacking when it comes to festive decorations!

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