Tuesday, October 2, 2012

salted caramel mocha fail.

so by now i'm sure you all know about our salted caramel mocha addiction.
seriously guys, it's baaaaaad.
we waited forever for it to come back to starbucks and now our wallets are begging it to leave.
in attempt to save some cash and some calories, we tried making our own version.
we used annie's recipe (she has some yummy eats - check her out!) as a guide and crossed our fingers...
but unfortunately, we missed the mark.
 not sure what went wrong, but ours tasted nothing like starbucks - mostly just like warm milk. bleh.

but hey, at least we tried.
and everything is okay in moderation riiight?

** for those of you following the chili diaries i've lost a card reader so please come back for part 4 tomorrow! sorry sorry!

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