Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a handmade holiday.

throughout the past year, we kept a list (we love lists) of all the things we wanted to make once christmas came around, and dangggg was that list long. the week before christmas we took a break from the world, locked ourselves inside with fabric and hot glue and a sewing machine and got to work. we ended up with lots of goodies for the ones we love. of course, there were a lot of things we didn't have time to finish, but it felt so, so good to give handmade gifts :)

here's a little glimpse:
(top to bottom)
apron // guitar pillow
bows & headbands // dress-up gear
beaded bracelets // body butter
puff ball bookmarks // wrist strap keychains
alphabet magnets // handwarmers

we got some of the ideas from fellow diy bloggers (like herehere). some were items we saw in shops, but decided to make on our own. and the rest came from staring at a basement full of supplies and making up fun things!

did you guys give any handmade gifts this year!? please share!
we've already started a list of things for christmas 2013, not even kidding.

not pictured - coasters, key racks, mr. & mrs. soctopus, ornaments, prints, & cards

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