Wednesday, January 30, 2013


we're droppin' in today to share some usher and some ridiculousness.

these are our confessions...

mac 'n cheese pleaseeeee.
we eat kraft mac at least once a week for lunch together.
it's glorious and we have no shame.
if we could, we'd eat it everyday. so there.

our favorite (but also the slowest) barista at our starbucks looks like
a cross between maurice (beauty & the beast) or geppetto (pinocchio).
but, turns out his name is just richard.
and yes, we talk about this every single time we go in there.

we are obsessed with pretty little liars.
we don't care if it's ridiculous.

we still use suave for kids detangler. whoops.
twirlin' swirlberry for samma & double dutch apple for chels.

when we make coffee, we always seem to get too distracted to finish it.
which means we warm it up in the microwave four thousand times a day.
and not only do we forget to drink it when it's warm,
samma also forgets her mug in the microwave for hours at a time.

chels could eat four million hug hershey kisses.
and so what if she has.

chels often wears gray jumpsuits.
we're talking gray on gray.
sometimes even gray on gray on gray.

we make fake hair appointments
and then never go to them.

we hope you don't think we're too weird,
but we like to laugh at ourselves about all these things.
just wanted to share.

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