Wednesday, January 16, 2013

pizza!pizza! ((mio's pizzeria))

what we ate: pizza blanca

while out doing our own little photoshoot a couple weeks ago, we refueled ourselves with some pizza at mio's. um, yum. we got the pizza blanca, and now we realize we should really try to branch out with our pizza toppings (whoops!). we loooove this crust. favorite thin crust. it has a million sesame seeds and even though they end up everywhere, it is totally worth it. the only downside to this pizza was that it was heavy on the oil. but, when a restaurant has cheesy italian decor and gives you crayons to draw all over your table like a child, you just deal with the oil. 

rating: 7.5
(1 - nasty frozen pizza & 10 - the best pizza of all time!)

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