Thursday, January 31, 2013



are you guys ready for the big game this weekend?!
because we are!!!
the superbowl combines some of my very favorite things... 
football, sunday funday, drinks, snacks, & sweeeeets. who wouldn't like a day dedicated to screaming at the tv, slinging back a few delicious beverages, and stuffing your face?! sounds like heaven to me. 
we think the following monday should be an observed holiday over here, don't you?! 
i mean, we need some serious time to recover from all that!

to get our brains flowing with ideas for our little shindig- we turned to some of our favorite blogs.
here are some lovely links! check out last year's superbowl fun and be sure to check back next week to see some of our treats.
who will you be rooting for- the ravens? the 49er's? or all the snacks? 

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