Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sandwich sammich.

after reading (and drooling) over this article we decided that we would die happy if we could eat a sandwich everyday, for the rest of our lives.
i mean, good sandwiches are magical. 
feeling inspired, we decided to start something new around here...
here is the first of many sandwiches to come :)
hot ham, fontina, & apple sandwich
 just used what we had around the house to make this beauty-
2 pieces of white bread (though i'm sure sourdough would awesome!)
jack daniels no.7 mustard
hellman's light mayo
about 3 slices of shaved honey ham
fontina cheese
granny smith apple

melt a little butter in the bottom of a skillet on medium heat. spread butter on both pieces of bread. spread a layer of mayo on the other side of one slice of bread. lay fontina cheese on top. then add the sliced apples. lay the shaved ham on top of the apples. spread a mixture of mayo and mustard on the other side & slice of bread to top the sandwich. cook about three minutes on both sides to get it a perfect golden color.

ate this sandwich three days straight- not even kidding!
make sure you use the fontina- its so creamy & delicious when melted- to die for!!

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