Tuesday, April 9, 2013

cinnamon squares.

 i was on the hunt for a dessert perfect for all my crazy non-chocoholic family members...
& thanks to my smitten kitchen cookbook, i found the most perfect recipe.

ooey gooey butter cake is huge in this house! a total game changer.
& you can't go wrong with cinnamon sugar... 
so smitten kitchen's gooey cinnamon squares recipe was a no brainer.

the combination of the soft cake & the crunchy cinnamon sugar topping is to die for!
the consistency of my squares turned out to be more like that of a coffee cake than ooey gooey, but i may have overcooked them just a tad. and instead of the usual tantrum...
i declared dessert & breakfast to be equals & totally interchangeable food categories in my house.
 we devoured these the next morning with a good cup of coffee mMmm.

to view the recipe you can buy the book here! do it! do it!! 
or read an adapted recipe from david lebovitz here!

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