Tuesday, April 30, 2013

cookie cookie!

fancy pants chocolate chip cookies
so this is the recipe i use when i decide to get a little fancy.
yes, you heard me... i get fancy.
the nestle toll house chocolate chip cookie recipe (minus the nuts) is pretty much a staple in our house.
my sister makes a mean chocolate chip cookie!
however, i'm a big fan of sprucing things up.
i take her dough & add 1 cup of rice krsipies & 1 cup of oats!
and sometimes i replace the toll house semisweet chocolate chips with ghiradeli dark chocolate chunks.
this is totally trader-like but i'm a firm believer that the darker the chocolate, the better. always.
these are killer! the rice krispies add a chewy, crunchy goodness that is oh so wonderful.
i recommend you whip up a batch for the perfect afternoon snack!

how do you spruce up your go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies? please share & make us drool.

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