Monday, April 8, 2013

spring showed up!

by ali nelson

spring finally showed up here in good, old ohio and gave us some perfect weekend weather.
we enjoyed some tennis & soccer, doggy walks, birthdays, and margaritas with friends.
we're so happy spring is here and we can barely contain our excitement!!

have you ever heard of ali nelson of ali makes things?
chances are you've seen some of her work and didn't even know it :)
most likely her lettering - we are envious over it's perfection.
but, she also does amazing installations and some mixed media work.
so if you're in need of some inspiration or eye candy, check her out!


  1. Spring finally showed its face here in KY too! I'm actually from Ohio so I am very familiar with their on and off again weather. The sunshine is awesome!

    Have fun! :)


    1. Glad you got to enjoy some of it too!! Hopefully we'll all get lucky and have some throughout this week! Thanks for reading :)