Thursday, May 9, 2013


a few months ago we decided we wanted to make our own beeswax candles,
but just recently got around to know us :)
it actually worked out perfectly because there is a special little holiday this weekend...shhh!

we got our goods here and it actually came with everything we needed!
i mean, we are now completely stocked on beeswax.
(that's not weird at all, right??)
 beeswax. beeswax. none of your beeswax! sorry, really just wanted to say that.

this is such a simple and quick project- even youuu un-crafty people can do it!
all you do is fold and cut the wax sheet to desired size. then cut the wick about a half inch longer than the sheet so it hangs over the top. make sure you remember which end is the top and which is the bottom! lay wick down on one edge of the wax sheet, and roll up tightly. at the end, push down edge to seal.
it is really that easy!
our little fingers got tired after about the tenth candle,
 but the pain is totally worth it since it's for all the sweet mommas we love!

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