Tuesday, May 21, 2013

brownie pies.

recipe adapted from camille styles

these brownie pies have been a top order around here lately!
the pies pictured above are filled with salted caramel buttercream. mmmMmM
but don't think... for one second... that is all they can be filled with!
i have been dreaming up all kinds of icing flavors to fill them with...
peanut butter buttercream
cookies n' cream buttercream
 double chocolate chip buttercream
 strawberry buttercream
raspberry buttercream
ahhhh... whoops. i'm drooling already.

there are very few ingredients needed for the batter. together they create the most perfect
brownie/cookie combo ever. definitely the best of both worlds!
these are delicious on their own but omg, the buttercream adds such a richness.
i declare! buttercream is the queen of all icings!
we make cute, teeny pies. they are rich and packed with such amazing flavor-
smaller is better here. trust me!
plus, you can eat two more :)

order a batch here!! promise you'll love them.

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