Monday, May 20, 2013

monday ramblings on comparison.

print by whitney cpbg on society6

there is so much i want to say about this, about comparing our lives to the lives of those around us, but we should really know better by now right? i guess it's easier said than done.

the life of a twenty-something is glorious and complicated, all at once. there is so much opportunity for change. in place, in career choices, in love, in lifestyle. it can be overwhelming, and that makes it so hard not to look at those around us and compare what we have with what they have. where we're headed with where they're headed. it's a hard habit to break, but it's unhealthy, it's counterproductive. so let's stop comparing and remember that we are all on different paths in this life. invest in yours, enjoy yours.

i'll end my rambling there, BUT i do have to say that i'm digging this color.
happy monday!

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