Monday, May 6, 2013

viva la fiesta!

so yesterday started out a little rough...
we ran up to kroger on a mission for a few last minute fiesta things. should have known better.
 let me explain... you do not go to kroger on sundays around here unless you want to see your entire graduating class, be serenaded by screaming babies, play chicken while driving your cart straight toward a 5 year old kid who can't see over their cart, leave without half the items on your list, and wait an hour to checkout.
 add in the fact that they had NO avocados & NO cilantro.
total disaster. especially when all i could think about was stuffing my face with that dang guacamole.
oh but thank the sweet lord for chipotle!

we celebrated cinco de mayo with salsa and guac and nachos and tacos and margaritas and cookies and games! hope you used your excuse to eat and enjoy all things mexican! we sure did :)

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