Tuesday, July 23, 2013

bbq veggie bowl.

inspired by fork and beans

you know when you see something on pinterest and it kind of sticks with you? well that's how this meal happened. both of us had pinned it and i had honestly thought about it so often that i was starting to feel crazy! when you don't eat meat, sometimes you really crave flavor. anybody else have this problem? i never crave meat, but i do crave a little something new to spice up all the veggies i consume. so one day we finally tried it for lunch and we both were surprised how much we liked it. the bbq and the ranch play really well off each other and gave the whole thing a nice kick. and now that i write this, i want it again. so veg head or not, you should totally give this a try. i think it's safe to say you could get away with adding some grilled chicken...if that's your thing!