Wednesday, August 28, 2013


reading // i read the time on my clock today. does that count?
listening // the civil wars. 
eating // fruit&nut trail mix. or fruit&nut kind bars. or raw fruits&nuts. so basically anything fruity and nutty. 
drinking // nonfat cappuccino.
wanting // fall weather alongside a hot coffee & a cozy coffee shop that does not exist around here. 
hating // the spinning beach ball on my mac. 
doing // typing this post, duh :)

reading // wild by cheryl strayed.
listening // "the way we touch" by we are twin.
eating // grapefruits and brownies. you win some, you lose some :)
drinking // stella.
wanting // concert tickets!
hating // the cost of concert tickets.
doing // editing hundreds and hundreds of pictures.

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