Tuesday, August 13, 2013

i want to turn the whole thing upside down.

my lovely boyfriend is to thank for this genius idea... and oh my goodness these puppies were unreal. please go make them now. and if you are feeling extra crazy, in an artery clogging way... put some oil in the bottom of your pan before you cook them. half pancake / half funnel cake = amazingness. totally drool worthy.
here's what we did...
core pineapple.
cut in slices.
caramelize pineapples in a pan with brown sugar, syrup, and butter.
set aside.
make desired pancake mix- we love bob's red mill gluten free mix
pour batter into hot greased pan.
once you see the batter first bubble, place a slice of the pineapple down in the batter.
let bubble and flip.
finish cooking on the other side.
top with syrup and eat!
ooh and aah from all that delicousness. what a treat!

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