Wednesday, October 16, 2013

barista parlor :: nashville.

while in nashville, we searched for good coffee...we've got our priorities ya know? but searching on the web for "the best ______" in such city never really works out for the best. or does it. because it did. despite all doubts. or maybe it worked out because there were zero expectations. who knows. anyhow, we stumbled upon barista parlor and it was all that we dreamed of and more, as far as coffee and coolness go.

it was tucked away like a secret for us out of towners. the coffee was glorious and the atmosphere was heavenly. what dreams are made of, i told you. i'm not sure we'll ever find a place that tops barista parlor. it's not the type of coffee shop you stop by for a quick black coffee. it's more, let me enjoy the flavors of this espresso and the vision of it's creators. hipster-ish, but a little more old school. i mean, it's located in an old garage and opens up right into the parking lot and decorated with vintage finds and expensive chocolates and they play folky music on a record player. it's totally young nashville. sorry for rambling a whole lot of nonsense. what we're trying to say is that if you're in nashville and you love coffee, you must go.

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