Wednesday, October 23, 2013

cincinnati love.

it's pretty common to stumble upon declarations of love for one's city, but these cities are usually nyc, la, portland, nashville, the so-called "cool cities". cincinnati though? it doesn't receive nearly as much love as it should. but alas, david falk (chef and restaurant owner) wrote a love letter to cincinnati to remind us why this little city of ours is actually pretty amazing. it's a great and honest piece. this city is improving by the day, moving on up. it's hard to keep up with you cincinnati!

living on the outskirts of any city, it's so easy to fall into a routine, going through the motions, and daydreaming about a vacation. we forget about all the exciting things going on just a short drive away, here in our very own city! there is much to love about you cincinnati. i love your stupid sports teams and your ice cream and the cute little towns on your outskirts and the short distance between city life & country life. yeah, i think i like that part best, a quick route to quiet living and open skies. we do our best to share all we can about cincinnati and it's cool happenings here on this little blog of ours, but we know there is so, so much more going on. this love letter is inspiring us to explore a little more often. to make this city ours.

have a favorite spot in cincinnati? a hidden gem you're keeping to yourself? please share. don't be selfish, we wanna check it out too!

and for those of you who don't live in cincinnati, maybe you should consider giving us a visit :)

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