Tuesday, October 1, 2013

homemade buttery goodness.

almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter....i love them all.
is it just a given that anything with the word butter at the end is insanely awesome? i think so.

we made almond butter with the vitamix last week and whoa it is so good! if you have a vitamix i suggest you get to making some of your own. it only takes a few minutes and it is amazing.
and if you don't have a vitamix... well, i would cry a little and then buy one and then make this stuff.ingredients: 3 cups almonds, pinch of salt, 1 tablespoon of honey
directions: add dry almonds to the vitamix. turn on high and blend and blend and blend. it may get hot, but that's okay. take a break, scrap down the sides with a rubber spatula, add your salt and honey, and blend again! after what seems like forever, the almonds will magically release their oils and become the most perfect creamy mixture. best if stored in refrigerator.you don't need to add the honey but why not? i'm thinking about adding cocoa powder to this delicousness next time! i love to eat my almond butter with apples or straight from the jar by the spoonful :)


  1. Loooove almond butter. Will a blender work, too??

    1. hmm- i'm not so sure about a blender. i can only recommend the vitamix- i swear it does magical things.haha i know people use food processors. i think you just need something with a little extra oomph. TRY IT ANYWAY!