Thursday, November 21, 2013

holy 500 batman!

my oh my! this is a monumental post for us, not because of content, but because it's our 500TH POST! it seems so crazy to think we've kept it going for that long. not that we don't love it, we do!, it's just crazy how something like a blog can become such a huge part of who you are!

this tiny, little spot on the web of ours has come so far. we're happy we don't have any screenshots of it's first design go-round back when we only called ourselves C & S Marie because it was truly embarrassing. so if you were around back then, thanks for sticking with us :) you're a trooper!

we want to thank you all for following us along on this journey. we are truly thankful for all of you and for the opportunity to share all that we love. you are all so wonderful. we hope you'll stick around for all that is ahead!

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