Wednesday, November 13, 2013

thanksgiving menu.

just like last year, we prepared a menu of all the recipes we're hoping to whip up this thanksgiving. it's so hard to choose what will make the cut for the most important meal of the year, don't you think? after some tough decisions, we finally came up with this year's dreamy thanksgiving dinner menu! enjoy!

can you believe thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away?! oh we just can't wait!
do you have your menu planned? share your favorite thanksgiving recipes with us please!

**here are some meal alternatives for all our friends with food allergies and/or food preferences ;)
dairy free arugula salad//dairy free rosemary roasted potatoes//gluten free almond pear cake//
gluten free apple crisp//vegan pumpkin pie//veggie-only balsamic brussels//the wine lover's turkey


  1. wow! looks amazing … would love to see the bourbon vanilla cranberry sauce and fudge brownie pie

  2. thank you!! the bourbon vanilla cranberry sauce is a new staple around here- i use maker's mark and can not recommend it enough. we will take some photos of our meal- check back after thanksgiving!