Tuesday, December 10, 2013

a little cake.

okay so i have totally been drooling over this cake for a year now. with a dos marias birthday on the brain and nothing better to do on this snowy day, i baked a cake! talk about an awesome way to spend a snow day :)

the three main flavors of this cake are literally the three things i dream about most ha.
almonds. dark chocolate. raspberries. oh, hello heaven. not to mention this cake is gf and df too! 

i wish i would have followed sarah's recipe closer, rather than trying to be all fancy and making my own substitutions*. i also wish i wouldn't have rushed the cooling process. pretty sure a combination of these two things left me with a broken cake, but oooh what a delicious broken cake it was. 
ugly doesn't mean less delicious, in case you were wondering.

can't wait to make this again and set it on the kitchen counter on a pretty little cake stand where it belongs. this one will be devoured in perfectly broken and crumbly fashion. 

see the recipe and gorgeous photography here
*i swapped almond milk for the sour cream and sugar for the flour used to coat the pan.

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