Wednesday, February 26, 2014

cincinnati museum and such things.

a few weeks ago, i had the most perfect sunday in the city! i started out at brunch at taste of belgium with my lady friends from college, we did a little browsing at mica, and then i caught up with my family at union terminal. we spent almost the entire day checking out the children's museum, the history museum, the museum of natural history & science, and an appalachian festival of sorts. we tried to make it to the diana: a celebration exhibit, but we ran out of time!

this post is a little heavy on the photos, but this is nothing compared to how many i actually took :) 

when i was taking a picture of that statue, chloe tapped my shoulder and asked me if i could ask him what he's looking for and if she could help. i squealed from cuteness! also, who knew we could get kids to enjoy the natural history & science museum for so long. the caves were a hit with that batman obsessed baby boy! and with us grownups too! also, i never knew i was obsessed with miniatures until this day. something about a miniature cincinnati just got to me i guess!

if you've never been, or haven't been since before your awful teen years, it's totally worth it. i promise!

next up - the children's museum. i'll be attacking you with more photos tomorrow.

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