Thursday, May 22, 2014

cat lady.

you know those giveaways you see on all your favorite blogs? do you ever enter them and then wonder if anyone actually wins? well they do and i did. i know! i could barely believe it myself!

the giveaway was for minimodel gallery over on heart and habit. this is actually one of my favorite blogs (and, no, raving about said blog wasn't in the small print - i promise). not only does brandy blog about her super rad (and stylish) kiddos, but she also blogs about all the latest style trends and sporadically shares some super clean! and easy! recipes. plus, she is writing style is honest and heartfelt, and she even wrote one of my favorite posts of all time. you should probably go check it out!

but! back to minimodel. here's a peek at the goods! i have yet to wrangle any kids into them, but i wanted to share the radness. i chose the spiked superhero hoodie cat by beau loves and the cheeta sweatshirt by mini rodini. apparently i was in love with the cat family that day? i usually leave the 'cat lady' title to my mom...

they are both so fun and the quality is amazing! the only problem is that i want both in MY size. sigh. i'm in love.

just thought i'd share a little awesomeness.

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