Thursday, July 24, 2014

that time we met johnnyswim.

(can you spot the difference? ha!)

guys! just last week we got to meet two of our favorite musicians - johnnyswim! we went on a short little road trip to check out an intimate and sold out show AND IT WAS MAYBE THE BEST NIGHT EVER. it's safe to say, we're still not over it. the show was indescribable. the vocals were flawless. their chemistry was flawless. after the show we hung around and they came out and we got to chat and take a few pictures and get a few autographs. they were so down to earth and just...i don't they were cool. so cool. SWOON.'s an extra fun highlight. chelsea & i, met abner BEFORE the show while waiting in the line for the restroom! we shook hands and chatted haha. awkward, but so epic. we came back and told everyone else, so of course they scurried their way over, hoping to catch him. they didn't. BUT, they caught amanda instead. i mean, luck was on our side.

if you aren't already a fan, you have got to check them out. their stuff is so good, i'm having a hard time choosing a link! but, because npr's tiny desk is one of my favorite series on youtube...

told ya. :)

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  1. Ugh. Still so jealous you got a chance to meet them. So cool!!