Wednesday, August 20, 2014

summer (or maybe autumn) reading.

reading is my favorite. (note: a where it's at!) but, i have to admit, i'm either reading three books at once or none at all. tell me i'm not alone?

anyway, i thought it'd be fun to share some of the books i've been reading this summer, the books i'm currently reading, and the books hope to read in the next month. it's a nice mix of genres! i'd love to hear what you're reading? shoot your suggestions this way, pretty please!

also, i've been brainstorming ways to display my books sans bookshelf. my only ideas so far are wooden crates or following the trend of all trends and just stacking them on the floor, along the wall? any ideas? help!!

pictured above:
"half the sky" by nicholas kristoff and sheryl wudunn
"if i stay" by gayle forman
"it's kind of a funny story" by ned vizzini
"the opposite of loneliness" by marina keegan
"bloom" by kelle hampton

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