Thursday, September 11, 2014

color fun fest ( +discount code! )

we've got something really, really awesome (and colorful) for you today! the color fun fest 5k is coming our way and you're going to want in on this action. 

we've participated in similar events in the past (and this gif...eek!), but the color fun fest really isn't joking around with the "fun" aspect. with this 5k, you have the option to run in the cool autumn sun or at night in the blacklights! there will also be a festival awaiting you at the finish line with music, food, and more. portions of the proceeds from this stop of the color fun fest will be donated to both Free Arts for Abused Children and HopeKids. this is a great opportunity to give back to the community and have some fun outdoors in the last bit of warm weather!  

the color fun fest coordinators were kind enough to offer an awesome discount for dos marias readers - only $20 per ticket!! go check it out!


hope to see you there!

(sorry for the lack of updates lately. i went on a nice little trip and then came down with the sickness. some kind of sickness. yuck.)

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