Thursday, September 25, 2014

music city.

earlier this month, i went on a wild adventure (i'm not kidding) down to nashville to visit my sweet friend jen and check out the live on the green music festival! i've always had a love for the music city, but this time around i got to see all the local and hidden hot spots thanks to jen. there was so much goodness - i don't know how to explain in any other way than through my camera lens. have at it!
adventures pictured above: live on the green, the idea hatchery, east nashville strolling, and the pharmacy.
adventures not pictured, but totally worthy: barista parlor, the well, portland brew, the pfunky griddle, las paletas, taqueria del sol.

live on the green continued on throughout the weekend with so many of my favorites - johnnyswim, ingrid michaelson, jake bugg, augustana, and more. so much music. so much coffee. so much food. so much people watching (i've never seen so many hula hoopers). it was amazing. all of it. it was so hard to leave a city with such heart and character. take me back.

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